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The Dive Forum One of the other places I waste my time
My YouTube repository another
General articles
The Rant... ...where I let off steam on diving subjects.
Inspiration Nigel and the Inspiration Rebreather
Inverted twinset Tanks upside down for accessibility
Android/iPAQ blending programs Decompression planning and gas blending for Pocket PC
Windows scuba program Gas blending to 300bar nitrox and trimix
Gas boosting The promised write up on the Haskel pump
Various scuba tables MS Word and Excel spreadsheets
Diving mathematics Decompression and other diving physics
DIN fittings What do the various DIN fittings look like?
FT-767GX tone bust and CTCSS modification
300bar Cylinders My contribution to the 232/300bar debate
Compressor rebuild it was all going to be so quick and easy
The Nürburgring The Nordschleife training course
A Heart Attack and still diving
IDA 64A Russian Oxygen rebreather restoration project
Cannons Idiots buy 1700s cannons
Castles The Welsh Tudor Castles
Caverns for Beginners Martyn Farr's Cavern Course
EAS Electronic Air Suspension on a Range Rover P38 HSE
RC Helicopter newbie pilot and repair man blog
Hi-fi Getting nostalgic about amps I have loved
Short Stories Have I told you about my book?
Nigel on Weather A work in progress
Archery A novice at large with a bow
Home Automation The delightful game of computer controlling you home
Trip Reports
Icebreakers 2003 Stoney Cove in January 2003
Newhaven July 2003 Newhaven trip
Porthlevin July 2003 Porthlevin trip
Weymouth Weymouth September 2003 trip
Portland UKRS All comers 2003 trip
Dover Dover August 2003 trip
Red Sea Red Sea November 2003 trip
Freediving The SETT training course
Freediving update AIDA Two Star training
Stoney Cove Packed out quarry
Surface Supply Course Nautical Archaeology Society training
Plymouth May 2004 Trip to Plymouth I organised
Mod 2 IANTD Normoxic Trimix Rebreather Course
Malin Head Trip to Northern Ireland
Finland Timo's UKRS Finland trip
Icebreakers 2005 UKRS does Stoney again...
Of Mice and Men Whose been eating my drysuit?
Brixham 2005 Sussex Dive Club holiday
NAS Excavation Course Air lift, Water dredge, recording, drawing, bagging and reporting.
UKRS 132 Daniel's Brighton trip with Helicopter evac.
NAS Cannons Course Measuring, recording and identification.
Icebreakers 2006 Stoney Cove in January 2006.
Ice Diving SDC Under Ice the BSAC way.
Caves, Ladders and Mud An introduction to caving.
Scottish Isles Hebrides live-aboard 2007.
Scapa Flow 2008 Orkneys live-aboard 2008.
Scapa Flow 2009 Orkneys live-aboard 2009.
Scapa Flow 2010 Do you notice a pattern here?
Great Masson Another cave trip.
Shetland 2011 Another Valkyrie trip
The Peronne Diving Accident Report
Scapa Flow 2012 Orkneys live-aboard again.

I have written up several of the items people have requested but I get far more hits on this site than just them.
If any of this is of use to you I am pleased but if anything is unclear or leads on to further questions mail me. I don't bite.
The direct address is
  nigelh  @  combro  .  co  .  uk
just take out the spaces.
If you have trouble getting through to me because of my mail filters (sadly I can get over 4000 spams a day) include the line The wars of Troy are over somewhere in the text and the filter will slip it straight through.
I really doubt that that one is going come out of a spammer's random word generator very often.

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