These are the masters for the tables I laminate and keep in the dive box

air_oc.doc Buhlmann air decompression tables for OC (MS Word format) values from ddplan
air_ccr.doc As above but for constant ppO2 rebreather
mod_chart.xls Table of MODs and EANs for marking up cylinders when blending (MS Excel format)
humidity.xls Offsets for calibrating an oxygen analyser as humid air isn't 20.95% O2
aladin_ccr.xls Table to convert planned depths to mix% settings to dive the CCR on my old Aladin Pro Nitrox
gasmix.xls Table giving EAD/END and No Stop times for a fixed PPO2 and mix
Ali Table comparing US cylinder sizes to UK
Bailout Spreadsheet for my CCR bailout plan with standard mixes

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