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Blender for IPAQ
Blender The Blender program was based on reading up on the work of Van der Waals on real gases rather than the ideal gas. Using this program I routinely blend 300bar Nitrox and trimix breathing gases.

Fill in the current contents of the cylinder and the required contents and it will generate the actions to obtain it. The menu on the Mode at the bottom offers you the ability to switch it back to the Ideal gas laws we all learned in OW and a tick to say if you want to add helium first if blending a mix that requires both helium and oxygen. The Exit command is also on the menu.

The most recently blended mix is retained in the system registry so restarting the program should return you to where you left off.

If you know enough to be blending gases then you know enough to measure the mix before breathing it but also beware of assuming that the previous mix is what it says on the label.

Please note: The current program uses volume in litres and pressure in bar. Currently there are no plans for cu ft and psi.

Download iBlender.zip, unzip it and copy to the iPAQ.
I put it in "My Device" | "Program Files" | "Nigel" (I created the "Nigel" folder to match all the other programs that are in a folder by the supplier's name).
Then click-and-hold on it to get the pop-up menu and select "Copy".
Then go to "My Device" | "Windows" | "Start Menu" and click-and-hold in open space and select "Paste Shortcut". Click-and-hold on that and select "Rename" to make it "Blender" not "Shortcut to Blender".
After that it should appear on the start menu like a good little program.

Blender for Android
Blender Same thing again only different because the IPAQ is getting old and tired and I need this stuff... but I have this smart phone. I'm not a Java programmer and the web tutorials were uniformly rubbish until I found one that just went click-click-click here's an app. I can work with that as I've been programming computers professionally for over 40 years and I want text files not GUIs. Once I have code that compiles I have Google to make up for the lack of manuals...

OK, so again it's written for me and hence it has been tested on a Samsung S4 as the development test bed and downloaded from the web site onto a slightly dubious old 'Superpad' tablet that I bought cheap to see what Android was like on but who knows what else it will run on? The display is set to scroll if required so if your screen is shorter than mine you can get down to the bottom easily enough. To use it you just enter the values you want, get the keyboard to go away without closing the App (often a problem) and it reworks the values when you 'click' the Calc button.

It is the same code as the IPAQ version and I put them next to one another and always got the same results so I have moved my source of blending instructions to the phone. I offer no promises other than 'it works for me'. Yes, I'm sure it could be made wonderful and pretty with 'roll the value' inputs but I can't be bothered. This version is tweaked for Lollipop and migrated to Android Studio due to the Google not being smart enough to write backward compatible code.

If you don't understand downloading software to android please don't try. I am not going to be able to help clean up the mess if you brick something by being clumsy.

Download blender.apk and your phone/tablet should understand it as it has all the required signatures and manifests. If you download it should should first get a warning then a message on the top bar saying you have downloaded it. Select this to be asked if you meant to install it. That should put it in your installed program pages. You can then put it on your main pages if you so wish. Current Android releases default to only downloading from their approved places so you may need to fix this. See Settings|Lock screen and security|Unknown sources

All programs here ©Copyright Nigel V. Hewitt 2000/2015. No promises that they work or even give safe results are made. They are free and worth nothing more than that. If anybody tries to charge you for them, other than a reasonable price for the media they are supplied on, then demand your money back in an unreasonable and unfriendly manner. You use them at your own risk as part of range of diving tools - do not use any results without independent corroboration that they are safe.

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