2004-02-15 Stoney Cove

It was packed. There was this theory that if we arrived late all the arrive early, get in a dive and go home bunch would have gone and we would be in the bottom car park. I expressed doubts but since I had been offered a lift who was I to set the schedule?
For what it's worth please note that this concept was completely and utterly wrong in every aspect.

This is Andy of Abyss UK with the new Submatix 100ST/XT Semi closed rebreather. It's a rather dinky item that is doing (or may have completed) its CE certification as I write. This is the next model up with two mixes so it dodges the usual problem of a semi of being a one depth machine. A full CCR set of bolt-ons are promised so I'm watching this one interestedly. As it comes in at about 2K in basic form with a hoped for price of another 600 for the CCR bits this could be the start of the downward pressure on rebreather prices.

Any how Andy and I walked all the way down from the top of the middle car park in full kit, did three quarters of an hour in the water and then climbed all the way back up. The camera flash is still playing hard to get so the pike is a bit gloomy.

More pictures of the Submatix next week I hope but I think it might be a while before he lets me play with one.

The pictures can be accessed by clicking the thumbnail but they tend to be 900K+ files
Pictures by Nigel Hewitt
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