Of Mice and Men
It was a Sussex Diving Club first time in real water for new divers 2005 trip to Horsea Island with some of us along for the ride. I just wanted a non-complicated kit check before a course the next weekend and a friend needed a lift. I wasn't really there to shot pictures but I popped off a few because I'm like that.

I had basically promised to be blob bitch for an instructor while he moved a student through some drills so I kitted up and sat on the edge putting my fins on and doing the prebreathe on the Inspiration. They strided in and I gathered my blob and just rolled forwards. Even as I came back to the surface the sudden tang of cold told me something was wrong. It was so instant it was very wrong. As it spread from my elbow to my wrist I declined the OK signal I was offered and reported a flood. I swam to the ladder and as I took hold of it the cold hit the temperature sensitive bits and started down my leg. I revised the assessment to a bad flood and, wondering if it was the neck seal. Heck this is an eight month old suit and I know I do a lot of diving but no way....

Well Tim took the blob and set off to do the drills and I hauled myself up the ladder. The fault was soon evident.

Now that isn't a tear.
That isn't a burn.
That is something chewing.

Now I know I have mice in my cellar. They came after the dog food and I tried the 'humane' trap which normally gets the lucky winner a one way trip to a new life up the golf course which was my wife's suggestion. However the new occupants were of sterner stuff and avoided it and when one ran across an open space, stopped, looked at me, scratched itself and ran on I decided they were just laughing at me.

Eating my dog biscuits is OK. We have lots of them but eating my dry suit is enemy action.

Oh well. I dripped off to the changing rooms and put my clothes back on and the trainees did their dives and there were some problems but it all worked out. We are back in a fortnight and after that we should be able to put them in off the club boats.

I am now the proud possessor of an electric mouse trap.
OK I don't feel as good about it as the old trip up the golf course one but I reason it either makes them jump or the lights just go out.

I'm sorry if small furry creatures are you thing but this is war.

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Pictures by Nigel Hewitt
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