Icebreakers 2006
So I packed the car. Far too much kit as usual but I did leave the Js and the Haskel behind.
Who should turn up with a Yellow Turtle but Steve Jones. Now this man is an Icebreakers stalwart but that one slightly surprised us. Now these were his first dives out of school so he was a bit wary and was carrying a lot of back up. Don't worry. We'll cure him of that before the season gets too far underway. Louise was daring enough to take this newbie in the water and, surprisingly, she brought him back.
So Daniel, Callum and I went in. Notice Daniel's demo of how to get into a Hog rig, or was that the beached whale impression. I've lost my notes.
I took the scooter for a play and, frankly, it was a mistake. In 5°C water you need to fin a bit to stay warm. 35 minutes later we crawled out at the slip way. It was snowing and everything was slippery. That's when you realise how hard it is to move about in full kit with argon and a canister lamp adding to the weight.
The old fogie with yellow wings on his Turtle is me.
Yeah snowing. Very pretty but didn't encourage me to go back in. One of my ears was a bit squeaky on the ascent and that was the excuse.
There was a very interesting CCR conversion done on a Russian AKA-60. I got a walk over it later. A nice piece of work.
Daniel dived with Callum.
and then with Steve.
Don't ever let anybody tell you DIR divers are humourless. This is the Cambridge University Underwater Explorers Group's SMB same as last year.

Well I had a lot of fun and ran into an awful lot of people I knew plus adding some new people to the list including some names I know from the Yorkshire Divers forum.
Icebreakers isn't what it used to be when we had forty or more UKRS folk along but it still works for me. OK there were some snags. I broke my torch clip and my attempts to buy a replacement in the shop cost me for £47 worth of stuff I didn't know I needed until I saw it, but that happens enough for me to be used to it now.
Thanks to Maria for doing the sorting the accommodation.

Next year? If they'll have me.

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