Dover 16th-22nd August 2003

15th Too much kit is not enough. Callum said there might be a problem getting gas so I went equipped for a week's diving.

16th Get there, get on the boat etc. Dive the Christianssund (31m/44mins). 1.5m vis.

17th Very early start to miss the ferries. Went out on the boat in the morning but was too seasick to dive so in the afternoon did Dover Castle.

18th Two dives! 'The British Navy' in the morning (13m/45mins) and the Luganda (27m/20mins) in the afternoon. No vis, well half a meter, so no pictures.

19th Another day off so an archeologist type day (Roman house and bronze age boat).

20th Two dives 27m/60mins and 36m/40mins.

21st One dive (29m/61mins) and here are the search and recovery dive pictures.

The pictures can be accessed by clicking the thumbnail but they tend to be 900K+ files
Pictures by Nigel Hewitt
Thumbnails by Easy Thumbnails

By Nigel Hewitt