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ISBN 978-1-4476-7055-1/978-1-291-52766-7 Now I'm not going to claim that I am the greatest story teller in the world but some how stories just seem to happen in my head and demand to be written down. I tend to get a wacko idea and then have to run with it to see where it leads me. For example the first story in these not so slim volumes starts just after the knight has lost the battle with the dragon and the princess is about to be handed over because that was the deal. I had to know what happened next. In here you will find both historical and futuristic fantasy but fantasy from a physicist and engineer who likes his physics to be at least plausible, although I feel I am allowed a quantum mechanics joke here and there. My characters probably talk too much and tend to over-think things, which does not seem to help them much, but I do like happy endings.

I like consistency in a story so there are continuity checks but I've been writing about some of the these characters for far too long and, as I have improved my explanations of their universe, I haven't gone back and sub-edited everything that was written before. Therefore, occasionally, there are continuity gaffs between the stories. I can live with that because I like the old stories even if they don't have the later improvements. Please forgive me on this one.

When you come down to it I do this for fun and the fact that writing about other worlds allows me to critique our own a bit is a bonus. If I can weave a world and make somebody smile in the process by giving them people they can relate to working out the problems of life we can have some fun together. So, often my characters are more involved in sorting their own lives out than actually battling the bad guys but provided they get it all together in the end it works for me.

Now I don't really like the 'rabbit out of a hat' endings that some authors use so I try to play fair and give you all the clues to solve the mystery as my characters discover them even if I don't think you will. A reader going "Of course! I should have guessed" as they hit the last full stop is just how it should be. Then it's fun to go back and read it again some time and spot the real plot development.

So why the big 23x15cm format? Well there is over 120K words here. I rather thought of myself as a 'short story' writer until I looked it up and discovered that some of my 'short' stories were well into the Novella category and coming up to Novel lengths. I'm told I talk too much, too.

Well there is still a pile of stories left on the computer so I'll format some more up for volume three. I will stay with short(ish) stories because I really haven't got the patience to design something as complicated as a novel and, anyway, not having to get up to a size means if some bit starts to drag it gets cut. I like the pace of a 'short story' with no drawn out and subtle plot and character development. This means you have not heard the last of the Tranzen and their Earth Civilisation Project. If nothing else at least book publishing will keep me in Christmas presents for my friends and relatives for the next few years. I'm hardly expecting to get rich on it.

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Oh and I'm cheating. This picture is from the first off proofs. If you want one you have to go to Amazon, Lulu or best see me and borrow one. I doubt that you will ever find me stacked up on the best seller shelf at Smiths. If you just want to read some to see what it's like go to Amazon, search on Nigel Hewitt and read the preview. They let you have quite a lot.

Oh and why Dragons on the cover when very few of my stories feature Dragons? I just happen to like Dragons. There's a Dragon planned for volume three too.

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