EAS Pin out
The page numbers refer to the pages in the Air Suspension Circuit Operation section of the RAVE manual.
1P3Power. 12V via the 'delay' relay that keeps things turned on after the ignition is turned off.
2P6Left Rear height sensor power.
3P6Left Front height sensor power.
4P6Left Rear height sensor signal.
5P6Left Front height sensor signal.
6P6No connection inside and out.
7P4Data line to ride height panel switch. This and its partner pin 25 are 'open collector' outputs so they pull low but do not drive the line high. There are resistors at the switch to do this so the lines actually work on 0 to 5 volts.
8P5Switched 12V output to drive compressor relay.
9P3Exhaust Solenoid driver.
10P3Left Front Solenoid driver.
11P3Left Rear Solenoid driver.
12P7Some sort of speed signal.
13P3Pressure. Closed at >10bar, open at <8.5bar. Connects to Pin 1 power.
14P8Some sort of signal. Probably handbrake and gear.
15P4Dashboard Inhibit switch. GND when pressed and 12V via bulb when released.
16P5Compressor overheat. GND when normal, OC when overheated.
17P2Datalink to Testbook.
19No connection in harness. Internally connected to pin 1.
20P6Right Rear height sensor power.
21P6Right Front height sensor power.
22P6Right Rear height sensor signal.
23P6Right Front height sensor signal.
24P6Height sensor common return.
25P4Clock line to panel switch.
26P3Inlet Solenoid driver.
27P3Right Front Solenoid driver.
28P3Right Rear Solenoid driver.
29No connection in harness. Internally connected to pin 18.
30P5Some sort of engine speed signal.
31P712V input when brakes are applied.
32P4UP switch. GND when pressed.
33P4DOWN switch. GND when pressed.
34P2Input. Probably special power up mode.
35P2Datalink to Testbook.
These are the connection points by name.